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Transformative Learning Experiences with Kyle Wagner is a show created for DISRUPTORS and INNOVATIVE EDUCATORS looking to create more socially, globally, emotionally aware citizens and student-centered classrooms through transformative project- based learning experiences. Through 1:1 interviews, Kyle dissects learning experiences from EDNOVATORS just like you, and unpacks the simple strategies and structures that allowed them to happen. To date, over 1,000 classrooms have been transformed through 1,000 + learning experiences.


Nov 9, 2022

So many schools are spending millions of dollars to reconfigure learning environments to be more fit for the '21st century' and project-based learning.

But when the spaces are finally built, they don't have the effect on teaching and learning that they desired. 

Why? Because the LEARNERS weren't involved in designing them. 

But what if they were? And what if it was their first project? 

In this episode, I sat down with Natural Pod CEO Bridegitte Alomes and CSO Michelle Carpenter to discuss their process for designing learning environments which include ALL stakeholders. Learn more about this process and how including learners in proposal writing, presentations, prototypes, and 3-D renderings for learning spaces informed the build for one of the most innovative campuses in the country! 

Learn more and connect with Natural Pod: Instagram/Twitter (@naturalpod), LinkedIn (, Website ( 

Bridgitte Alomes Bio: Bridgitte Alomes, Founder and CEO of Natural Pod, is a thought leader dedicated to creating better learning environments through the use of beautifully designed, high quality education furniture made from healthy, sustainable materials, with an emphasis on environmental awareness and stewardship. Through her work with Natural Pod, Bridgitte is committed to sharing the importance of learning environment design with the global education and design community, shifting the paradigm of learning spaces toward a more collaborative, intentional, and student-centric model. Bridgitte also serves as President on the board of the Green Schools National Network, creating broad-based initiatives aimed at fostering healthy, sustainable K-12 schools.

Michelle Carpenter's Bio: Michelle E. Carpenter is the chief strategy officer (CSO) at Natural Pod, a company focused on creating better learning environments. Michelle specializes in developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives, ensuring Natural Pod thoughtfully supports students and educators within their learning environments. Michelle is deeply engaged with A4LE, specifically the SchoolsNEXT student design competition, where students design their version of the school of the future.