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Transformative Learning Experiences with Kyle Wagner is a show created for DISRUPTORS and INNOVATIVE EDUCATORS looking to create more socially, globally, emotionally aware citizens and student-centered classrooms through transformative project- based learning experiences. Through 1:1 interviews, Kyle dissects learning experiences from EDNOVATORS just like you, and unpacks the simple strategies and structures that allowed them to happen. To date, over 1,000 classrooms have been transformed through 1,000 + learning experiences.


Nov 22, 2023

How do we better include learners and learning profiles often left behind in traditional settings? What if we could custom-fit learning experiences around their unique strengths, gifts, capabilities and needs? What if understanding the brain's intracacies and high yield therapeutic approaches helped us support and...

Nov 7, 2023

How much voice and ownership do you provide students in their learning journey? 

I understand the fears the fears of inviting too much input: 

What if students go in a direction I can’t support? Steer too far away from mandated curriculum? Decide on projects and products I’ve never developed myself?

And so...

Aug 9, 2023

There are several skills that are hard to build in students within the walls of a classroom.

Skills like leadership, community building, survival, mentorship, global citizenship, and expedition planning. 

On expeditions outside of the classroom, these skills come naturally; whether it's assisting farmers plant in the...

Jul 26, 2023

Designing a learner-centered experience isn't that complicated. It requires only a few shifts in the way we currently design projects, units, and lessons. 

Building a learner-centered environment to allows the experience to fly? That takes years.  

It requires a long term commitment from staff, leadership, parents and...

Jul 12, 2023

AI is here. And while many schools are still wrapping their heads around how to best use it, some classrooms are already using it to enhance learning experiences. 

Whether that's in animating student written memoirs; or acting as a co-pilot in student research and investigation.

AI can improve learning outcomes and make...