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Transformative Learning Experiences with Kyle Wagner is a show created for DISRUPTORS and INNOVATIVE EDUCATORS looking to create more socially, globally, emotionally aware citizens and student-centered classrooms through transformative project- based learning experiences. Through 1:1 interviews, Kyle dissects learning experiences from EDNOVATORS just like you, and unpacks the simple strategies and structures that allowed them to happen. To date, over 1,000 classrooms have been transformed through 1,000 + learning experiences.


Nov 24, 2022

Lots of large international schools are seeking ways to make learning experiences more relevant, interdisciplinary and project/problem-based. 

Yet between fixed timetables, a demanding curriculum, large student bodies, and siloed subjects, they are finding it difficult to do more than offer a few lessons per week. 


Nov 16, 2022

Imagine your most challenging students- The ones who can't sit still, blurt out, submit low- quality work, have difficulty working with others, and seem totally checked out suddenly self-managing, coming in voluntarily after class, submitting polished work, and leading teams.

That's what happened in several classrooms...

Nov 9, 2022

So many schools are spending millions of dollars to reconfigure learning environments to be more fit for the '21st century' and project-based learning.

But when the spaces are finally built, they don't have the effect on teaching and learning that they desired. 

Why? Because the LEARNERS weren't involved in...

Nov 1, 2022

How can the most innovative square mile on the planet also be plagued by racial injustice 2 blocks away? And what can we do about it?

This is just one of the many difficult questions teens at 'Innovators For Purpose' are tackling through project-based experiences they design in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

They are...